Friday, November 19, 2010

How To Start A Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning business can be the fastest way to make a great part time or full time income. Some of the benifits of starting a cleaning business are low start up cost, flexible working hours, and you can easliy earn $50 to $85 per hour doing easy office cleaning for professional businesses.

Ok so how do you get stated in the cleaning business industry? It's not as hard as you may think. I started my office cleaning business in September of 2000 with no idea how to advertise, get accounts or bid on them. However after a little research I found that it would really only take 4-5 small accounts each week to make a great part time income.

We started off by cold calling using a simple script to call on local business. Well I have to tell you I did not have any luck with that method. It's no fun hearing no twenty times in a row. Next came phone book ads in the cleaning service section of the yellow pages. This worked ok, but was really exspensive and you had to compete with all the other cleaning businesses that are in the same section.

Radio and T.V. just was not in the budget at all. We came to a stand still when it came to signing new accounts. Then I came across a man by the name of Joe Polish. Joe was in the carpet cleaning industry. He became a student of direct response marketing and took his carpet cleaning business from $30,000 to $3,000,000 per year! I had to take a closer look. I figured if he could do it for the carpet cleaning business, I could do it for the office cleaning business.

So whats this story leading up to. Started selling his carpet cleaning marketing course. I invested in it and converted it to fit the cleaning business I was trying to build. It worked like gangbusters!! It's true that if you copy someone whos allready successful you will produce a similar result. My cleaning business was up and growing leaps and bounds at lighting speed. My first year using this low cost marketing system for my office cleaning business gave me a net income of $104,000 as a one man opperation.


  1. i ordered e-books but nothing gave me the marketing info i needed to get the accounts. Darren's info is what he says it is... It works. I live in Tampa and have 21 accounts just using his system...

    Tammy Jacobs
    Tampa Florida

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